ETHOSA Jute Travel Pouch


The eco-swap that feels like an upgrade.

Our ETHOSA’s travel pouch is made of jute aka the “golden fibre”. This 100% natural pouch is the perfect accessory to carry your favourite products. Or y’know, our shower powder.

Why choose ETHOSA

- BYO H2O. The powder activates in contact with water and creates a foaming gel. 

- Plant-powered. pH balanced. Gentle yet effective.

- DIY experience. Inspired by nature, mixed by you. 

- Refillable & recyclable packaging.

Why use jute?

+ It is recyclable and takes less than 2 years to biodegrade.

+ It consumes 15 times more carbon dioxide than the average tree.

+ The jute industry supports roughly 5 million people in the poorest regions.

+ It is made using ethical methods and environmentally-friendly practices.

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