ETHOSA x Cortijo El Sarmiento

Nestled in the picturesque town of Mojácar, Andalusia, Cortijo El Sarmiento Boutique Hotel offers a captivating escape in the heart of this enchanting region. Steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and beaches, this hotel embraces sustainability and immerses guests in a truly unique and eco-friendly experience.


Perfectly situated for exploring the wonders of Andalusia, Cortijo El Sarmiento Boutique Hotel serves as an ideal base for discovering the region's rich cultural heritage and awe-inspiring natural beauty. From the magnificent Sierra de Cabrera mountains to the idyllic beaches of Mojácar, guests are invited to embark on unforgettable adventures and create lasting memories.

ETHOSA x Cortijo El Sarmiento

We were delighted to discover ETHOSA, a perfect match for our Boutique Hotel and eco-tourism objectives.

We didn't want to contribute to plastic waste or the carbon footprint of transporting liquid products, especially when most of it is just water.

However, we were looking for an ecological and high-end product, which would have a fragrance that would fit into our surroundings and climate. Our solution is ETHOSA.

Our guests do not have to compromise on quality and luxury because these products, with their natural fragrance, are a delight to use.

With its ingredients, it cools your body nicely on a hot Andalusian summer day.

We appreciate the personal approach and dedication of Gaëlle and Oli, which is another small step in making the world more environmentally friendly.


ETHOSA are switching up personal care and protecting the planet, one shower at a time, with their waterless shower products.

Why go waterless?

Did you know that your favourite products contain mostly water? We’re talking 80-90%. Aqua is just the fancy name for it. We don’t want to ship water around the world. It’s unnecessary and it’s harmful.

You see, we’re creating a movement that’s designed to inspire people and support the planet. Building an environmentally resilient future we can all be proud of. And we want to smell good doing it. 


Their waterless body washes are made of 100% naturally-derived ingredients, certified vegan, cruelty-free and cosmos natural. They are free from nasties. Their products are also designed to be refilled for a lifetime.


1- Pop the shower powder sachet into the lifetime refillable bottle.

2- Add 350ml of lukewarm water.

3- Give it a good shake, and there you have it!

You now have your own ETHOSA powder-to-gel body wash.

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