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All natural, plastic-free, refillable body wash scented with essential oils and tailored to your body skin type. Start your flexible trial plan today, and get a FREE forever bottle & natural bath sponge. You'll then receive your home-compostable refills at your preferred frequency to keep your body wash topped up.
Eco-friendly packaging
100% naturally-derived
Refillable forever
Water-free formula
Our sensitive formula is free from any perfumed oils and allergens. It includes:  Jojoba Oil - Rich in Vitamin E, moisturises the skin and can be really helpful for people suffering from eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, or overall finicky skin. Aloe Vera -  Helps soothe irritated or mildly damaged skin.
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maximum flexibility

How subscriptions work

- Select your plan (skin type, scent, pack size)

- Pick your FREE delivery frequency

- Manage your subscription (pause, swap, cancel anytime)

What other daily routine saves over a kilo of plastic a year with minimum effort?

The subscription, that helps you help the planet!


What's included in the starter kit?

1 x lifetime refillable aluminium bottle (the stylish bit) - 13.5 fl oz / 400 ml.

1 x durable brushed silver pump (the practical bit).

1 x home-compostable powder-to-gel body wash sachet (the cleaning bit).

1 x natural konjac body sponge (the bit that enhances the showering experience).



Up to 95% of a shower gel you buy is WATER - something, that already comes from your tap. With ETHOSA, you only spend on highly efficient, NATURAL ingredients that support your individual SKIN NEEDS.

A stylish REFILLABLE solution that elevates your bathroom game. No more plastic.
No more mushy soap bars. But pride & elegance, and a HEALTHIER planet.

POW(D)ER TO THE PEOPLE - Body Care that’s led by people’s needs, sense and purpose.

Three simple steps

Making your own shower gel has never been so easy!

1 - Pour the shower powder sachet into the refillable bottle.

2 - Add 350ml of lukewarm water.

3 - Give it a good shake and it’s ready to use!

Plant-based & Natural

For you. For the planet. For all.

All our ingredients are 100% naturally derived and are hand-picked for their benefit and role in our formulas which are certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free. We are cruelty-free, free from artificial sulphates, parabens, and synthetic colourings.

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Our eco-friendly packaging.

All orders are packed plastic-free. Our stylish forever bottle is made of brushed aluminium. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable in comparison to recycled plastic which drops in quality every time it is recycled until it no longer is and turns into micro-plastics, which ends in landfills. Our refill sachets are 100% home-compostable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Absolutely amazing idea! I’m so pleased with my purchase. Would be ideal if no sulphates were used in any of the products but they do have a sulphate free option. I will definitely be using these in future for a sulphate free subscription!

Manuel Munoz
This is such a lovely concept and product.

This is such a lovely concept and product. Putting the gel together is very easy, and it’s great that it means less water is used to make it. It has essential oils, and the end product has a lovely and relaxing scent. Great product with great environmental credentials!

Cecilia Brezmes Alonso
Love the product, and the body sponge was an incredible surprise!!!.

Love the product, and the body sponge was an incredible surprise!!!. I had never used waterless products before and I will repeat!!! I had never used waterless products before and I will repeat!!!

Daniela Christiansson

"In love with this product!
So easy to make which is a nice and funny way to enjoy the product.
And the smell is just incredibly good!"