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For each MS-UK x ETHOSA Starter Kit sold, we will donate £5 directly to the charity.

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With MS-UK

Sustainability is a core part of our identity, and while we always work hard on making and offering the most sustainable personal care products possible; we also give back as much as we possibly can to our community and to our planet through different partnerships. 

Our journey with MS-UK started a couple of years ago through fundraising support with sports events and it has been ongoing since then on a personal level.


About MS-UK

MS-UK is a small national charity; they support anyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), through every step of their MS journey with the essential services they provide:

  • Support over 1,200 people each year through our National Helpline.
  • Publish a magazine, New Pathways, containing the latest MS news, drug development, research and inspirational real-life stories to over 1,700 subscribers.
  • Deliver over 500 online sessions each year including exercise classes, mindfulness courses, information sessions and support groups to over 7,500 people.
  • Have provided MS awareness training to over 700 professionals to increase their understanding of MS.

limited-edition starter kit


We’re now delighted to make an even bigger impact with our company, ETHOSA, while continuing our personal support to join MS-UK on its mission to empower all people with MS to live healthier and happier lives.

For that purpose, we’ve designed a limited-edition starter kit which features the MS-UK logo on our forever bottle.

For each MS-UK x ETHOSA starter kit sold, we will donate £5 directly to the charity.

Limited-edition body wash starter kit


Body Wash Charity Kit MS UK - Well Balanced

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