Soap bars are good but...

Whilst beauty bars or soaps are becoming popular due to their sustainable credentials, they may not always be as nourishing for the skin as you think...

And the very few bars on the market that are made for sensitive skin literally cost a bomb!

... what if we tell you that there is something smarter, better for your skin, and sustainable. A revolution in liquid shower gel.

Sustainable but can be a compromise

Soap Bar

  • Average pH of 9-10 - Alkaline nature can lead to dryness, tightness or dehydration.
  • Hygiene - Can get mushy and harvests bacteria & germs.
  • Difficult to handle? - Shower experience can feel like a compromise!
  • Expensive when pH-balanced and suitable for sensitive skins.

Smarter, simpler, revolutionary

Powder-To-Shower Gel

  • pH-balanced and enriched with plant-based skincare actives to address your personal body skin needs whether it is dryness or sensitivity.
  • Hygienic - Dispensed from a stylish aluminium-brushed lifetime refillable bottle.
  • Delivers the premium experience of a liquid shower gel without the nasties. No plastic, no SLS, no parabens, no synthetic colourings.


Stay sustainable without costing your skin health.

Join us and say goodbye to itchy skin, unnecessary ingredients, and plastic waste and say hello to the future of showering - ETHOSA.


Meet our super-powered natural body washes for better skin and a healthier planet.

How to join the #refillution?

1- Pick your skin type. Not sure about it? Take our quiz.

2- Pick your fragrance.

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For You. For The Planet. For All.

All our ingredients are 100% naturally derived and are hand-picked for their benefit and role in our formulas which are certified Vegan & Cosmos Natural. We are cruelty-free, free from sulphates, parabens, and synthetic colourings.


Unique Scents

Inspired by Aromatherapy, our scents are truly experiential.

Eucalyptus & Citrus: this scent will literally turn your bathroom into a spa. It's a powerful mood booster.

Cedarwood, Peppermint & Pink Hibiscus: this scent will connect you back to nature with its relaxing and grounding aroma.


Refill In Style

Our reusable body wash bottle will be the last body wash bottle you’ll ever buy. It’s thoughtfully designed to work with our compostable refills and withstand repeat in-shower use. Also helps skip the unnecessary shipping of water - a big step for a smaller footprint.


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