Forget dry January and unattainable weight loss goals... In 2023 our new year's resolution is to make sustainable swaps to our everyday routine and turn our home into a planet-friendly haven. Ready to live a life that Greta Thunberg would be proud of? 


It’s not just the home care industry that’s contributing to our single use plastic problem. On average you’ll use 29 single use plastic shower gel bottles in your bathroom every year and frustratingly most of those bottles will contain 95% water. Yep, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but most of these bathroom brands are flogging you H20. Ironic considering you'll be using those products in the bathroom. Somebody make it make sense. 

Ethosa to the rescue. This sustainable bathroom brand helps you to reduce your single use plastic consumption by 1.2kg every year by switching to their refillable shower gel bottles.

And yep you guessed it. Your lightweight refillable bottle contains zero water. Just like with Ocean Saver, you bring the water and Ethosa bring their powder-to-gel shower wash (which smells like a damn dream by the way). 

Now that's a shower product that makes total sense. 

Ready to switch up your shower?

Grub Club

Okay we are slightly biased on this one but hear us out as we've got the sustainable stats to back us up.

We *might* have mentioned this before but did you know 20% of the world’s fish and meat is consumed by our pets?! That equates to a whopping 106m tonnes of CO2 generated by the pet industry every year. This is equal to the carbon footprint of the Philippines!

Once we'd picked our jaws up off the floor, we decided to do something about it. Enter All-Day Buffet... Our nutritionally complete, hypoallergenic bug-based dog food generates 96% less CO2, 47 x less land and 25 x less water than livestock. 

Seems like a no brainer to us. Ready to make a small step for dogs and a huge leap for mankind? 

Planet-friendly pet food this way

Ocean Saver

It’s predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and the home care industry has a lot to answer for. Home cleaning products generate more than 29 billion single-use plastic containers every single year. 

It's time to clean our act up. Cue Ocean Saver… Their cleaning product bottles are designed to last for life (refill is the new recycle) and the bottles come with a 100% recyclable trigger.

You bring the water whilst Ocean Saver brings the clean with their EcoDrop cleaning concentrate (because shipping water around the country just feels… wrong?).

Time to make a small change with a big impact

Serious Tissues

10 million trees are cut down each year to produce toilet roll. That's a crap-your-pants kind of statistic eh?

So, Serious decided to do something about it and make toilet paper (and kitchen roll!) from recycled paper. No, we're not talking about recycled toilet paper but paper that had a previous life as cereal boxes or a newspaper. We're glad to clear that bit up... 

But the planet-friendly, paper-free breaking news doesn't stop there. Serious also plant a tree for every roll sold. Top of the plops stuff. 

Time to save the planet from your loo


Every toothbrush you’ve ever owned still exists…. Just let that sink in *please excuse the pun*. And every year, 4 billion toothbrushes either go to landfill or end up in the ocean (what is it with us humans sticking our single use plastics in the ocean?!). 

Electric toothbrushes aren’t anything to smile about either… Wasteful packaging, non recyclable batteries and plastic components... the list goes on.

Introducing SURI - the electric toothbrush that’s reusable, recyclable and repairable. Now that’s something worth getting those pearly whites out for. 

Sustainable smiles this way