5-Step Guide to Prepping Your Skin for Summer ☀️

The summer months bring about harsher environmental factors for our skin. From the sun's ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and extreme temperatures, our skin is assaulted on multiple levels. Here are five tips for maintaining a healthy complexion during the warmer months.

1- Exfoliate your body!

One of our favorite skin care habits is exfoliation, but especially so during the summer months. And we're not just talking about your face, we’re talking about arms, legs, and every nook and cranny that your swimsuit may reveal. Exfoliation is key to getting that gorgeous and healthy-looking skin so grab your favorite body scrub and get to work!

2- Keep on moisturising...

What’s the one thing you always must do after exfoliating? Moisturise, of course! Start by lathering with one of our hydrating body washes. As soon as you come out of the shower, reach for a moisturising oil and massage well until all product is absorbed.

3- Apply sunscreen every two hours!

Even if you’re not heading outdoors for a long time, it’s essential to apply sunscreen daily—and reapply at least every two hours—to help protect your skin from harm.

4- Stay hydrated.

Since we tend to sweat more during hotter times, it's essential to make sure that you drink the recommended amount of water per day. If plain water gets too boring, add cucumber slices, lemon or mint leaves to give it a nice taste. 

5- Don't shower too much!

During the summer months and with increased outdoor activities, we tend to shower more often. However it's recommended to try and keep showers short (max 4-5 min) - Over-showering can lead to inflammation and intensify dry skin.