With the Summer Holidays fast-approaching, it's about time to consider how to be more eco-friendly when travelling. We've gathered the best recommendations to help you plan ☀️ 🚴🏼‍♀️👇🏻

1- Consider offsetting your carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits or supporting reforestation projects.

👉🏼 Through the airline you book. British Airways, for example, offer to purchase carbon credits to offset your carbon emissions.

👉🏼 You can also go for a tree planting plan depending on your activities and the carbon emissions you generate on a monthly basis. Take a look at Evertreen for example👇🏻 (

2- Pack light to reduce the weight of your luggage and carbon emissions from transportation.

👉🏼 Only pack the must-haves and not the nice-to-haves.

👉🏼 Bring versatile instead of special-case items.

👉🏼 Reduce toiletries and avoid plastic-heavy ones. Take a look at our on-the-go powdered body wash, the most portable body wash you've ever met, refillable forever and offering 30 showers + per refill. 

3- Bring a refillable water bottle to reduce plastic waste.

👉🏼 Take a look at brands like Chillys (, Rebo Bottle ( or Ocean Bottle ( which all offer great reusable bottles. 

4- Stay in eco-friendly accommodations, such as hotels with sustainable practices or camping in designated areas.

Take a look at our eco-friendly B&B partners around Europe:

👉🏼 Cortijo El Sarmiento in Southern Spain (

👉🏼 Dene Cottage in Orkney Islands, Scotland (

👉🏼 Villa Quinta Marugo in Portugal (

👉🏼 Chalet Solneige in the French Alps (

5- Support local businesses and buy locally sourced products to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.

👉🏼 Farmers' markets are a great place to shop local. 

6- Respect the environment by properly disposing of waste and avoiding single-use plastics.

👉🏼 Why not getting a picnic set which you can wash and reuse. 

7- Choose activities that have minimal impact on the environment, such as hiking or wildlife watching. 

8- Choose eco-friendly transportation options, such as walking, biking, or taking public transportation when on-site.