What is equity crowdfunding?

To put it simply, equity crowdfunding involves gathering small amounts of capital, beginning at £10, from a broad range of individuals, creating a more diverse group of investors for our company, ETHOSA.

There are various forms of crowdfunding, but in equity crowdfunding, funds are raised in exchange for ownership shares in a business.

Soon, we'll be launching our campaign on Seedrs allowing you to buy equity in ETHOSA, join in on our mission and shares successes with us as we grow.

Curious to hear more? Register your interest here: https://www.seedrs.com/ethosa/coming-soon 

This doesn't mean you are committing to investment - but it does give you first access to hear more and get exclusive perks.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at hello@ethosa.co.uk

Love and suds,

Your ETHOSA Team 💚