The rise of DIY Beauty for self-care

Whilst the pandemic has left us feeling jaded and craving normality, on a positive note It has spurred on a movement of self-made beauty experts with a drive towards self-care.  According to Pinterest, searches for 'homemade or DIY (or do-it-yourself) skincare' climbed 110% in 2020 as isolation continued to pervade our way of life.

As lives continue to be lived from the home office or kitchen table, home has become the new in-house beauty experience, as brands are adapting to our desires for skincare products that spark our imagination at home, make us feel better whilst respecting our planet. 

Self-care is the new going-out.


According to Statista, the lockdown period between March to May 2020 across France saw the highest percentage of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and in particular those with sleep disorders.  Humanity is literally desperate for self-care at the moment with the constant attack on human connections brought on via masks, social distancing and prolonged isolation periods.  The lack of hugs for example actually lowers the immune system and reduces serotonin; the happy hormone that keeps us in a state of joy.

So how can we combat this way of life affecting how we feel?  Well aside from the obvious things such as walks in nature, grounding by getting our bare feet on the grass, exercise, laughter, seeing loved ones, doing activities that spark joy, we can also address self-care at home, and the bathroom is the perfect sanctuary to do just that.
Self-care shouldn't be thought of as self-Indulgent but rather self-preserving as we navigate the ever changing and uncertain landscape, we find ourselves facing.  As a busy working mum, I personally adore and crave a good bath with mineral salts, even just for 10 minutes, and the healing properties of the water are just as good as any luxury spa.  However most days I only have time for a shower, but how can this daily ritual be elevated to spa status?

Firstly, using a good quality and ethical waterless body wash that I can mix myself is a wonderful way to be more mindful, not mindless, as it focuses the mind (think the Dutch term 'Niksen'-the art of doing nothing); I encourage you to do the same. It really does work wonders, plus it's great fun to become your own beauty expert!

So, with DIY beauty trending, how can functional bathing be re-imagined?

Whilst facial skincare is flooded with products that meet our desire for that extra special experience at home- think crystal rollers, serums or ampoules, masks that can be mixed with different smells and textures or an array of facial gadgets, bathing however is an area that is rather stagnant in the beauty and personal care world.  

Ultimately a body wash is fairly functional; you squeeze a tube, your body wash comes out, you lather up, and you rinse it all off. However apart from the nice smell that lasts seconds, the whole experience ends up being rather rushed in the morning dash, and it becomes boring very quickly, In fact most of us rarely notice the product we are using.

So, how can bathing be reimagined?  Enter waterless beauty, AKA beauty powders.  

They create a unique opportunity to jazz up the bathing experience, and the best part is that it's also good for our planet! Imagine a body wash that you can mix and tailor yourself, whilst using less water consumption?  This takes bathing to a whole new level, as the possibilities are endless as you become the master of your own sensory shower experience.  

DIY bathing will be the next big trend, as you get to choose your smell, and you can even choose the right powder to suit your personal body skin needs.  

Watch this space for more Ethosa bathing tips as we share with you the next big thing in bathing!

About Jo Givens

Jo is a trained Facialist, Make-up Artist, Skincare and Trend Analyst, Massage Therapist, Health and Wellness Coach, Treatment Designer, Beauty Expert and Public Speaker with three decades of global experience across the Spa, Cosmetics and Wellness Industries.  She has trained hundreds of five-star Facialists and advised top global cosmetic brands, as well as presenting and demonstrating her facials on QVC Beauty and How to Look Good Naked.  Her skincare tips have been featured in Elle and Vogue UK.  She has previously worked for brands such as Liz Earle, Carol Joy London, Barefoot Botanicals and Face Gym.