We are delighted to have been welcomed into the vibrant and empowering Buy Women Built community.

BWB is a movement that was born to mobilise consumers to buy from female founded brands by showcasing who they are and why buying from them is our quickest path to a stronger, fairer economy. 

Thus, we aim to vocalise the mission behind BWB's existence and what this incredible organisation is advocating for:

Bad Facts That Need Changing For Good:

1- We don’t have enough women starting businesses in the UK – we are 30% behind other developed countries.

2- A staggering 80% of 11-18 years olds are unable to name a single female entrepreneur.

3- Children are four times more likely to think of a man than a woman when they hear ‘entrepreneur’.

4- Women have a lack of confidence in their abilities to start a business.

5- If women start businesses at the same rate as men, £250 billion will be added to the UK economy.

*All economic stats above are from The Rose Review.

BWB Campaign Message: 

"When you buy women-built, you not only support the incredible brands we already have, but also help the next generation dream bigger. And the bigger girls dream, the stronger and fairer our country will be.

As consumers we have the power to change the world. Our everyday purchasing decisions can change the face and shape of the economy and the society we live in. If we all shop more women-built brands, we can together unleash the powerful economic force and the enormous untapped contribution these businesses can make to our economy.

If we choose to buy more women-built brands, we’ll end up with more female entrepreneurs. That’s great for the economy." 

As a female-founded business, we take immense pride in being part of this wonderful community; and, we encourage you to explore the fantastic brands that are also members of it.